Company History

Company history

Elit Foods is a bold, conversational and friendly brand. We are proud to be bringing Romanian deli meats to an international market, showing the world the quality of Romanian prepared food and the Romanian way of doing things!

Thanks to our continuous product development, a gradual increase in production capacity and the quality of the products on offer, we have built up an extensive and loyal customer base.

Quality food

Quality food

We pride ourselves on being one of the most important companies in the Romanian meat and sausage market. We feel it is our responsibility to offer safe, high quality products The monitoring of the quality and safety of our meat products and preparations is ensured by the physico-chemical and microbiological analyses performed in our own accredited veterinary laboratory.

High standards

High standards

As we have expanded, Elit Foods has successfully implemented the improved quality management systems, food safety, occupational health and safety, and environmental management that is demanded of a large exporter of meat - obtaining certification according to HCCP-CODEX ALIMENTARIUS standards.

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